Integrated CAD/CAM solution for the design and manufacturing of plastic injection molds and progressive dies.


An intuitive solution that’s both easy to use and master.

Comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5-axis machining strategies with dedicated high-speed routines.

Wire EDM toolpaths and proven CNC code for all wire erosion machine tools.

Best-quality CAD/CAM for design and manufacturing

A suite of industry-specific applications for plastic injection tool design, including material flow analysis, provide you with unsurpassed levels of productivity.

The benefits of VISI include:

Upgrade your mold design and die manufacturing

VISI offers solid and surface modeling, manufacturing feasibility analysis, mold/die design, plastic injection molding flow simulation, electrode design, 2.5- 5-axis machining, and Wire EDM capabilities.

Features of VISI include:



VISI Modeling is the foundation of all VISI products and provides a robust and powerful solid and surface modeling system based on the industry-standard Parasolid kernel. VISI Modeling offers complete flexibility to construct, edit or repair the most complex 3D data.


Mold design

The VISI Mold module helps in creating a parametric 3D mold. A dynamic preview displays the assembly status, including options to edit all parameters in edit mode. Standard libraries of all common manufacturers are available for completing the assembly.


Electrode design

VISI Electrode is an automated module for the creation and management of electrodes and their holders for the manufacturing of detailed and hard-to-machine features on mold and press tools. Comprehensive holder design, simulation, and collision checking ensure that electrodes will operate right the first time.


Injection molding flow simulation

VISI Flow is a unique prediction tool, ideal for pre-and post-production analysis and concurrent engineering of injection-molded plastic components.


Sheet metal blank development

Multiple modules are available for processing 3D sheet metal components, including blank development, 3D-strip layout, and complete tool design. VISI Progress can unfold both surface and solid models using a powerful geometry-based unfolding algorithm.


2.5 to 5-axis machining

VISI Machining creates intelligent toolpaths, even on the most complex 3D parts. Dedicated high-speed milling techniques and built-in smoothing algorithms create highly efficient NC code, reducing cycle times on your machine and continuously producing high-quality components.

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