HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor

Carry out highly accurate, fast and flexible CMM laser scanning with a revolutionary optical multisensory system.


The all-in-one laser scanner – Combining speed, accuracy, flexibility and intuitiveness

The Hexagon HP-L-10.10 isn’t just a market-leading scanning solution for CMMs. It’s the one laser scanner that turns your CMM into an optical multisensor system, combining unmatched speed, accuracy and flexibility to streamline the measurement of complex surfaces and workpieces. The cutting-edge HP-L-10.10 in combination with PC-DMIS software is prepared for any inspection challenge, setting a new standard for CMM laser scanning.


Overview camera

Increase the visibility of measurements for remote teaching, operation guidance and better reports.


Visual guide

Ensure optimal sensor positioning with visual part projection.


High-speed blue laser line

Best data quality with up to 600 000points pts/sec.


TKJ interface

Turn your CMM into a multisensor device with Hexagon's standard interface.


Work distance indicator

Instant visual feedback about the sensor and measurement status.


SHINE performance

Advanced algorithms of our SHINE technology allow you to digitise almost any surface type with the default exposure settings, from glossy black plastic automotive body parts to moulded carbon-fibre components, making high-quality measurement easier than ever with no high-level training required and operator variability eliminated.

HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor Specifications

Throughput/data rate

600,000 pts/sec

Laser stripe density

2000 pts/line



Field of view

60 mm


90 +/- 30 mm ​

(additional 30mm with eFOV)

Laser line width

80 mm (at mid-field)

Overview camera


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