High-throughput measurements of complete part surfaces with high measuring point density.


3D laser scanning with millions of highly accurate data points

GLOBAL Speed is equipped with Hexagon’s cutting-edge laser scanning sensor as standard, combining unmatched speed, accuracy and flexibility to streamline the complete non-contact point cloud capture of freeform surfaces.

For applications ranging from complex-shaped housings to turbine blades, measuring entire part surfaces in point clouds without compromising throughput becomes a straightforward task thanks to the laser scanner’s ability to capture up to 600 000 points per second. Highly accurate data is then available for comparison with nominal CAD data or reverse engineering.

An indexing probe head ensures the sensor is always optimally aligned with the workpiece surface being measured, while an automatic sensor changer rack allows the fully-automatic exchange of the laser scanner with other tactile or optical sensors during the measurement routine.


3D laser scanning

Point cloud capture and full dimensional inspection of entire part surfaces.


Measurement speed

High-speed & accuracy laser scanning and measuring throughput of complete part surfaces in point clouds.


CAD based application software

Streamlined tool development with fewer correction loops, faster process optimisation, reduced rejects and rework.

GLOBAL Speed Specifications

Available Size (X, Y, Z)₁

Sizes for GLOBAL S​

05.05.05 / 05.07.05 / 07.07.05 / 07.10.07 / 09.12.08 / 09.15.08 / 09.20.08 / 12.15.10 / 12.22.10 / 12.30.10 / 15.22.10 / 15.30.10​

Sizes for GLOBAL Advantage ​

15.20.14 / 15.26.14 / 15.30.14 / 20.33.15 /​

20.40.15 / 20.33.18(₅) / 20.40.18(₅)


From 1.2μm + L/350, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [18-22 °C]​

From 1.4μm + L/250, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [16-26 °C]​

From 1.2μm + L/263, MPE(E0/E150)₄) [15-30 °C]

Probe type compatibility

Touch-trigger probe​

Scanning probe​

Laser scanner probe

Automation ready​


Temperature specification​

18-22 °C (lab temperature)​

16-26 °C (extended temperature, option)​

15-30 °C (shop floor packages, option)₄)

₁ Sizes are expressed in dm. I.e. 05.07.05 means X = 500 mm; Y = 700 mm; Z = 500 mm​​

₂ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)​

₃ MPE(E0/E150) specifications are to be formally understood as MPE(E0E150)* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used. Length unit measure (L) in mm​

₄ Shop-floor packages only for GLOBAL S​

₅ Special on request

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