General-purpose measurements of size and form features with high performance tactile scanning.


Advanced tactile scanning for comprehensive GD&T analysis

GLOBAL Scan+ adds tactile scanning to the range of possible applications. With tactile scanning, a large number of surface points are captured within a short time, enabling highly accurate form and profile measurements on functional parts.

GLOBAL Scan+ combines tactile scanning capability with the flexibility of an automatic probe head. The scanning probe can be positioned at various spatial angles, making accessing more complex workpieces easy. An accompanying styli changer rack accelerates the inspection process by enabling fast changes of styli configurations within a measuring program without restricting the available measurement volume.


High accuracy measurement

Measurement of features with tolerances in a low micron range.


Measurement speed

High scanning speed and measuring throughput.


High density tactile scanning

High measuring point density for an accurate evaluation of form errors.


CAD based application software

CAD-based scan path creation, 3D simulated collision checks and probe path optimization's, real-time part-to-CAD comparison and GD&T analysis.

GLOBAL Scan+ Specifications

Available Size (X, Y, Z)₁

Sizes for GLOBAL S​

05.05.05 / 05.07.05 / 07.07.05 / 07.10.07 / 09.12.08 / 09.15.08 / 09.20.08 / 12.15.10 / 12.22.10 / 12.30.10 / 15.22.10 / 15.30.10​

Sizes for GLOBAL Advantage ​

15.20.14 / 15.26.14 / 15.30.14 / 20.33.15 /​

20.40.15 / 20.33.18(₅) / 20.40.18(₅)


From 1.2μm + L/350, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [18-22 °C]​

From 1.4μm + L/250, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [16-26 °C]​

From 1.2μm + L/263, MPE(E0/E150)₄) [15-30 °C]

Probe type compatibility​

Touch-trigger probe​

Scanning probe

Automation ready​


Temperature specification​

18-22 °C (lab temperature)​

16-26 °C (extended temperature, option)​

15-30 °C (shop floor packages, option)₄)

₁ Sizes are expressed in dm. I.e., 05.07.05 means X = 500 mm; Y = 700 mm; Z = 500 mm​​

₂ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)​

₃ MPE(E0/E150) specifications are to be formally understood as MPE(E0E150)* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used. Length unit measure (L) in mm​

₄ Shop-floor packages only for GLOBAL S​

₅ Special on request

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