Advanced production control software for MRP and production scheduling.


JAVELIN brings you key manufacturing-related information at your fingertips, which provides a complete solution from quote to invoice.

MRP and scheduling deliver timely procurement and manufacturing for your business.

Benefit from traceability and quality embedded throughout your workflow, while easily configuring the comparison between planned and actual costs.

Advanced production control software for your business

JAVELIN delivers meaningful, real-time insight to your production managers. It enables them to maintain profitable and efficient production plans which improve ‘on time’ and ‘in full’ levels to your business.

JAVELIN is supplied as a single integrated solution with optional industry-specific modules. The benefits of using JAVELIN include:

Advanced production control software for seamless results

JAVELIN provides a real-time snapshot of your shop floor, detailing what’s running, idle, late, or nearly complete. Both production planners and managers are kept informed about your machine shop activity, letting them react quickly and compensate for deviations.

Features of JAVELIN include:


Quote to invoice

From constructing a detailed estimate to producing a professional quote, your data can be rapidly converted into sales orders, parts, routes, and multi-level BOMs.


MRP and production scheduling

MRP balances supply and demand while generating easy assembly linking, cleverly creating suggestions for work and purchase orders that can be swiftly approved.


Inventory control

The inventory provides visibility of stored materials and components, linking to all transactions generated within JAVELIN (e.g., purchases and sales), to facilitate full traceability for quality and costing purposes.


Quality solutions

JAVELIN supports many ISO based accreditation models, such as F4Nuclear, AS9100, and TS16949, which can be selected according to your personal industry requirements.

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