Leverage materials to their fullest potential with Digimat's material modeling software.


Benefit from a unique material supplier ecosystem offering high-fidelity material cards ready to be used in CAE on a large set of performances.

Design and validate a part performance with reliable simulation data for any loading scenario (static, crash, creep, durability, NVH, thermal management and many more).

Tune material properties and process parameters through sensitivity analyses in order to account for variability and manufacturing defects.

Bridging the gap between manufacturing and performance

The Digimat solution, powered by ICME*, integrates materials across design & engineering, production and quality & inspection, resulting in lightweight designs with no compromise on performance or quality, while reducing both time-to-market and CO2 footprint.

*Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

The digital transformation of materials

Digimat’s nonlinear multi-scale material and structural modeling capabilities cover all areas of polymer additive manufacturing, injection molding, and work with continuous carbon fibers. Digimat facilitates user modeling that bridges the gap between analysis and manufacturing.

Features of Digimat include:


Digital Materials Laboratory

Create digital twins of any material system in order to understand and accurately predict its behavior, reduce physical testing, tune materials properties and accelerate innovation.


Multiscale Simulations

The Integrated Computational Materials Engineering* approach enriches CAE analyses by connecting the manufacturing process, material properties and part performances. It unlocks lightweight designs while reducing the development time and cost.


Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Utilize a holistic solution for polymer additive manufacturing in order to analyze the behavior of high-performance materials, overcome manufacturing issues, and print reliable parts right the first time.

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