Romax Spectrum

Romax Spectrum

Integrated, efficient and accurate analysis and optimization of transmission and ePowertrain noise and vibration.


Provides the accuracy required for sensitive NVH simulations to gain engineering insight and make confident design decisions.

Enables CAE-led design through early consideration of NVH, with fast, validated, intuitive simulation and analysis that helps you deliver improved designs quickly and with less NVH testing and prototyping.

Links to other gold-standard products for vehicle NVH simulation, multibody simulation, and electric machine excitations.

Deliver improved designs faster and with less NVH testing and troubleshooting

Get NVH insight throughout development as part of a CAE-led design process. Use this insight to make changes to the design before physical prototyping. The benefits of using Romax Spectrum include:

ePowertrain NVH simulation

Full system NVH simulation, from gear and electric machine design through to vehicle sound quality.

Features of Romax Spectrum include:


Sensitive NVH simulation

Fully integrated powertrain modeling, simulation, analysis, and optimization for vibration and radiated noise.


Accuracy and insight

Validated analysis for dynamic gear excitation prediction, unique planetary gear simulation, and links to electromagnetic software to calculate motor forces.


CAE-led design

Fast frequency-domain simulation of system vibration response. With an embedded acoustic solver that brings complex radiated noise simulation to the non-expert, with automated calculations to verify design targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even without predicting the exact NVH behavior, you can use Spectrum early to benchmark competing concepts and iron out major issues before it's too late. As the design evolves, you can quickly re-assess performance with greater confidence.

Spectrum offers much faster CAE processes and is dedicated to transmission and ePowertrain with proven accuracy and simulation efficiency that works with and compliments your FE simulations.

The Romax frequency domain analysis is fast, highly accurate and generates easy-to-interpret results. As such, it can be used very early in the design phase, meaning potential issues can be identified while they’re easy and cost-effective to fix.

The parametric nature of Romax Spectrum, combined with short runtimes, means design optimization is also possible. As the design matures, fully detailed Spectrum models can be used alongside Adams to ensure all potential NVH issues have been investigated.

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