High-speed collaborative CAD viewer for all common data formats.


Open files to rapidly process and analyze 3D models in extensive detail.

Consistently create dynamic visualizations using WORKXPLORE’s range of empowering tools that make working with complex 3D models simple.

Make use of multiple intuitive CAD interfaces capable of analyzing various file types.

A high-speed CAD viewer for all standard data formats

Keep all your data organized and compact for maximum speed when calculating surfaces, volumes, measuring thickness, dimensions, and angles, all without needing to access the original CAD files.

The key benefits of using WORKXPLORE include:

CAD viewing and analysis made simple

WORKXPLORE is fully capable of importing any file type required for your project while enabling you and other users to share expertise and knowledge with each other to maximize productivity.

Features of WORKXPLORE include:


Simple 3D measuring

WORKXPLORE empowers even non-expert CAD users with the tools needed to get to grips with its precise measurement functions quickly.


Detailed analysis and annotation

WORKXPLORE is equipped with a selection of specialist analysis tools for quotes, diagnostics, assembly notes, and preparing 3D models for production. Users can also substantially reduce the need for 2D drawings by directly adding dimensional and geometric measurements, annotations, and labels to 3D models.


Fluid animations

Study CAD models in detail using WORKXPLORE’s modern animation suite, generating exploded model views and animated assembly movements to demonstrate various model aspects.

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