JITbase uses machine data to optimize the daily production plan and to help allocating operators, thanks to workload predictions

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Addresses labor shortage by decreasing the number of operators required, which in turn improves operator/machine ratio

Increases machine uptime & OEE

Improves CNC program efficiency

Powered by machine data collected in real time

JITbase helps machined parts manufacturers address the critical labor shortage. Collecting and interpreting data on the workforce that no one else can access, JITbase's solutions lead to a 25% increase in workforce efficiency. CNC operators manage more machines with better productivity and less stress, unlocking more production capacity.

Specifically, JITbase learns cycle times from CNC programs that run in production, or gets the information from simulation software (e.g.: NCSIMUL) or CAM system. Knowing when the machine will stop, JITbase predicts operator workloads to make better decisions on allocating operators. In production, JITbase calculates in real-time the optimal sequences of manual operations that an operator has to perform when managing multiple machines at the same time. It leads to +20% machine uptime while an operator can manage twice more machines (+100%).


Live Data

Connected to the CNC control of the machines, JITbase collects machine data in real-time.


Dynamic Scheduling

The optimal sequence of tasks to operator multiple machines is calculated and refreshed based on what's truly happening on the shop floor.


CAM Integration

JITbase gets cycle time information from CAM software. Actual cycle times are adjusted based on historical data.


Operator Workload

JITbase looks at the manual tasks to perform by an operator to simulate the operator workload of the shift. This helps allocate resources adequately to increase the number of machines operated by an operator while improving performance.

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