Romax Concept

Romax Concept

An easy-to-use environment for the rapid assessment of drivetrain layouts to set design direction and derisk development.


Explore possible designs to find the optimum concept early on, and make informed engineering decisions, reducing costs and de-risking innovation.

Streamline drivetrain development through integration with multi-body dynamics, CAD, motor design tools, and advanced CAE.

Ease of use and low barrier to entry increases design team output.

Explore the ePowertrain design space and make informed engineering decisions early

Concept assists in making the correct engineering decisions early on, avoiding wasted time and cost when substantial changes are made after design elements have been committed. The benefits of using Romax Concept include:

Easy to use, rapid tool for drivetrain layout design and sizing

Create complex drivetrain layouts in minutes, thanks to Concept’s drag-and-drop modeling and links to CAD. Perform fast component or system-level analysis to assess durability, efficiency and NVH performance. The parametric model can be quickly edited and re-analyzed to find the optimum concept to achieve performance criteria.

Features of Romax Concept include:


Easy to use, fast, intuitive modeling

Create and compare full system drivetrain simulation models in minutes with Concept’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop modeling.


Whole system drivetrain design tool

Consider interactions across the whole system.


Early-stage analysis

Understand the design's performance in terms of durability, component life, efficiency, range, NVH, packaging, weight, cost, vehicle performance, and manage trade-offs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concept solves the inherent complexity of transmission design (how to create new layouts). You can build multiple designs very quickly prior to detailed design, in order to save time and reduce risk of rework.

Concept offers much faster CAE processes (analysis is performed in seconds), and is dedicated to transmission. Its system-wide analysis captures cross-component effects with proven accuracy and validation.

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