Romax Enduro

Romax Enduro

Trusted software for full-system drivetrain structural simulation and durability optimization.


Multi-fidelity simulation for the right balance of speed and accuracy from concept to detailed design.

Understand system performance early to minimize prototyping and make confident engineering decisions.

Consider manufacturing during the design stage to ensure manufacturability and robustness.

Easily understand system durability performance from an early stage and consider manufacturing during design

With Romax Enduro, adopt a robust, CAE-led design process for confident design space exploration. Ensure the drivetrain satisfies durability targets while linking to other tools to balance other performance aspects, such as NVH and efficiency, as well as understanding how the manufacturing process will affect design. The benefits of using Romax Enduro include:

Multi-fidelity drivetrain structural and durability analysis and optimization

With ultra-fast modeling, rapid analysis and optimization alongside intelligent automation processes, Romax Enduro helps design structurally sound, robust, and manufacturable drivetrains.

Features of Romax Enduro include:


Drivetrain structural analysis

Validated, full system drivetrain structural analysis, combining state-of-the-art component contact models with stress-based life calculations.


Component results

Discover component and system-level static results, including deflections, misalignments, loads, and stresses.


Assess load-dependent system misalignments

Effective gear design and optimization that accounts for load-dependent system misalignments.


Highly efficient workflows

Utilize interfaces to CAD, FEA and other CAE tools, for efficient workflows and robust exchange of design data, alongside parametric studies and batch running for optimization and automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get accurate deflections and misalignments, it is essential to consider a fully flexible and coupled system. In some cases, like planetary gear arrangements, it is also important to consider load sharing between all gear meshes.

Romax Enduro uses a combination of analytical, numerical and empirical methods, fine-tuned to be as efficient as possible at solving specific rotating machinery problems, which gives significant benefits over general methods. The models have been validated repeatedly throughout the years, including correlations with FEA and physical tests.

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