Romax Spin

Romax Spin

A dedicated bearing analysis software that enables advanced simulation of rolling element bearings.


Advanced analysis that’s fast enough to be used throughout development yet accurate enough to capture fine details of contact stress and its effect on bearing performance and life.

Engineering insight that allows the design or selection of optimal bearings for a specific application while understanding failures and identifying appropriate countermeasures.

Collaborative working and data exchange between suppliers and customers while protecting valuable IP.

Enabling superior understanding of bearing behavior for informed, independent bearing design and selection

Romax Spin provides bearing designers and application engineers with the insight to design and select bearings for optimum performance and durability as part of a whole system model. The benefits of using Romax Spin include:

Cutting-edge rolling element bearing analysis as part of a full electromechanical system.

Romax Spin uses optimized contact algorithms that offer speed and accuracy, and integrates analysis with other CAE tools, enabling greater collaboration between organizations and suppliers.

Features of Romax Spin include:


Improved collaboration

Access more than 60,000 bearings from SKF, Schaeffler, Timken, JTEKT, and Nachi, or model fully customizable bearings and specify assembly and operating properties.


Application optimization

Accurately predict element and raceway stresses, rib contact, edge stress, roller contact analysis, and contact truncation, considering full system deflection, load analysis, and bearing misalignments.


Unrivaled insight

Time-domain simulation to analyze dynamic behavior and avoid novel failure modes such as skidding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spin is a commercial tool with a proven track record, superior usability, reliable support, and updates. It is much faster and easier to use than FEA and is much more scalable and efficient than internal tools and general-purpose FEA.

Bearings are critical for the operation of rotating machinery, and it’s important to have in-house analysis capabilities to make sound engineering decisions and supplier choices. Spin allows suppliers to share data securely using proprietary bearing catalogs so that analyses take into account all relevant details while protecting the creator's IP.

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