Romax Evolve

Romax Evolve

Conduct essential structural and NVH analysis of electrical machines during the early stages of design.


Equip users with easy-to-use tools based on trusted expertise and proven electro-mechanical analysis capability.

Enhance workflows with a democratized eMachine CAE-led design process, with multi-fidelity simulations suitable for all stages of development.

Romax Evolve's interfaces and workflows with major electromagnetic packages enhance your existing toolchain.

Unlock a democratized, CAE-led, eMachine design process

Romax Evolve provides multi-fidelity tools for electrical machine design and analysis, from initial studies through to validation with test data. Evolve integrates into Romax’s powerful full system analysis to check the performance of a machine in the context of the whole ePowertrain, while workflows within and beyond the Hexagon portfolio create a powerful ecosystem that democratizes complex processes and facilitates streamlined workflows with electromagnetic simulation, CAD and system-level CAE. The key benefits of using Romax Evolve include:

Structural and NVH analysis of electrical machines

Easily and quickly carry out structural simulation of electric machines, including analysis of NVH and efficiency performance, as well as prediction of bearing behavior.

Features of Romax Evolve include:


Parametric structural modeling

Romax Evolve’s simple, parametric structural modeling includes comprehensive bearing catalogs, FE components, and links with CAD and electromagnetic software packages for eMachine geometry and excitation import.


In-depth structural analysis

Romax Evolve enables fast, static analysis of eMachine housing, shaft deflections, bearing durability and power loss, rotor shaft dynamic behavior, and consideration of UMP.


eMachine NVH simulation

Evolve’s prediction of vibration and radiated noise caused by electromagnetic forces allows users to identify NVH problems and try out solutions, while an embedded acoustic solver brings an understanding of radiated noise simulation to non-experts.

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