The industry’s first and only next-gen production monitoring solution with No Operator InputTM.


Install and onboard seamlessly, with access to accurate performance data from every job on every connected machine within a day or two.

Automatically benchmark performance for every job you run so you can see how your jobs are performing right now vs. how you should be performing – all with no operator input.

Broadcast production scores on TVs across the factory so that resources flow to the jobs needing the most attention.

Roll up data for all your jobs into a simple post-mortem to see how a job ran, how it compares to your typical run, and which days were good or bad.

Take the guesswork out of job costing with the Datanomix Quote Calibration Report.

Improve continuously with insights into overall factory performance and top improvement opportunities.

Expect more from your production monitoring

Datanomix is the industry’s first and only real-time production monitoring solution that requires No Operator Input. Datanomix redefines what manufacturing leaders of today and tomorrow should expect from their production monitoring systems and delivers capabilities with no work required on your part to find the answers you seek. We simply connect to your CNC machines, and our software unveils production insights in real-time and long-term factory trends over time. You don’t need to assemble, export, crunch, or customize data—you simply click and review!


Automated Job Costing™

Automated Job Costing™ analytics compare ProShop ERP target takt times (or button-to-button cycle time) for part production to Datanomix part performance actuals and benchmarks at the machine—offering complete clarity on gross margin performance on a per part basis relative to machining operations while also highlighting where the greatest opportunities for margin improvement exist.


Real-Time Condition Monitoring

From proactive maintenance to predictive quality, Datanomix Condition Monitoring delivers the information you need to keep your machines up and running to produce quality parts time after time.


Predictive Tool Life

By integrating and analyzing Caron Engineering tool performance and optimization data, Datanomix delivers more profound insights, giving you visibility from the tool to the machine to the overall factory.

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