Optical high-resolution measurements of miniature size and form features on challenging surfaces.


Measure microgeometries on sensitive surfaces

Equipped with a chromatic white light sensor as standard, GLOBAL Optics is ideal for non-contact measurement of the geometric size and form characteristics of sensitive workpieces that cannot be touched and those with particularly challenging surfaces.

An indexing probe head provides excellent access to part features from almost any angle and direction, allowing optimal alignment of the chromatic white light sensor to the measured surface. Furthermore, in combination with an automatic sensor changer rack, and thanks to Hexagon’s opto-mechanical sensor interface, different sensors can be easily exchanged on the indexing probe head, maximizing the CMM’s multisensor flexibility.


Non-contact sensor

Optical high-resolution measurement for capturing the smallest geometric structures.


Freeform scanning

Single-point distance measurement and scanning of freeform surfaces.


High density scanning

Surface-independent measurements.


Transparent material measurement

Thickness measurements on transparent materials.

GLOBAL Optics Specifications

Available Size (X, Y, Z)₁

Sizes for GLOBAL S​

05.05.05 / 05.07.05 / 07.07.05 / 07.10.07 / 09.12.08 / 09.15.08 / 09.20.08 / 12.15.10 / 12.22.10 / 12.30.10 / 15.22.10 / 15.30.10​

Sizes for GLOBAL Advantage ​

15.20.14 / 15.26.14 / 15.30.14 / 20.33.15 /​

20.40.15 / 20.33.18(₅) / 20.40.18(₅)


From 1.2μm + L/350, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [18-22 °C]​

From 1.4μm + L/250, MPE(E0/E150)₃) [16-26 °C]​

From 1.2μm + L/263, MPE(E0/E150)₄) [15-30 °C]​

Probe type compatibility​

Touch-trigger probe​

Scanning probe​

Non-contact probe (optical, vision sensor)

Automation ready​


Temperature specification​

18-22 °C (lab temperature)​

16-26 °C (extended temperature, option)​

15-30 °C (shop floor packages, option)₄)

₁ Sizes are expressed in dm. I.e., 05.07.05 means X = 500 mm; Y = 700 mm; Z = 500 mm​​

₂ According to ISO 10360-2 (2009)​

₃ MPE(E0/E150) specifications are to be formally understood as MPE(E0E150)* for the case where non-normal CTE material calibrated test lengths are used. Length unit measure (L) in mm​

₄ Shop-floor packages only for GLOBAL S​

₅ Special on request

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